For more than 20 years, we’ve been manufacturing our innovative, patented non-electric label machines in the USA. Download our catalog PDF.

Race Label Solutions offers reliable, easy-to-use non-electric labeling machines to fit every budget, with models ranging from $550–$3,625.

Three of our most popular models are the:

  • RL-1: Ideal for applying labels to straight cylindrical bottles, containers, cans and jars, it’s our classic and original label applicator.
  • RL-TC-SP: Designed with a spring plate for labeling tapered bottles and containers, it works great applying labels to wine bottles and other similarly shaped products.
  • RL-RRC: Available in two different modes, this machine excels at labeling products in straight cylindrical bottles, containers and jars.

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Why Race Label Solutions is THE Right Choice for You

  • Made in America. Our labeling machines are proudly American-made.
  • No electricity required. Our machines are eco-friendly and safe and available for worldwide use.
  • Ideal for all budgets. Machines priced from $550–$3,625.
  • All-inclusive warranty. Enjoy a comprehensive two-year warranty on every labeler.
  • Expert guidance, We help you choose the perfect labeler! Ready to start? Upload your bottle and request a quote.
  • Payment plan. Let us know if you’re interested in this service.