Meet the Race Label Team

Kate Taylor and Suzanne Grady purchased Race Label Solutions in 2022 from company founder Marc Moore. Although Marc is no longer an active member of the Race Label Solutions team, his presence and business legacy are felt every day.

Ed Arnold, our lead machinist, manages our warehousing and fulfillment areas. He will most likely be the person you speak with if you call our company with a question about one of our labeling machines or need a machine customized.

Race Label Solutions team, circa 2022

Meet Kate, Suzanne and Ed — the Race Label Solutions team

Origin Story

In 2002, Marc and Ed co-designed and built the first Race Label label-application machine for use in our own food company, Crown Jewel Gourmet.

After procuring a large order from a nationwide gourmet products chain, we attempted to hand-label several thousand jars like many other small companies. Hundreds of expensive labels and PET spice containers were wasted in our initial production run.

Prior to the internet providing readily available information on label applicators, we began the tedious process of locating an affordable, semi-automatic machine. We learned salespeople from almost every company promised their equipment was easy to use. We spent so much time and hundreds of wasted labels trying to operate various machines. Needless to say, none of them within our price range of several thousand dollars performed in a real production line as promised.

Marc Moore, founder of Race Label Solutions

Marc Moore, founder of Race Label Solutions (formerly called Race Label Concepts)

We Needed a Solution, So We Built It!

Necessity became the mother of invention and we set out to design and build our own label applicator. After numerous designs and weeks of testing with a prototype, we put the first machine into our production line with remarkable results. We applied for a patent and, while pending, traveled to various food and trade shows to market our new Race Label standard machine, the RL-1.

We attended shows at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, Eastern Winery Expo, Food & Wine Classic and the Fiery Foods Show here in Albuquerque.

After seeing the prototype, friends and colleagues immediately wanted to purchase one for their own line of products. Local favorites, such as Milagrow Vineyards, Anasazi Vineyards & EL Pinto Restaurant & Salsa Co., were among the first to purchase our RL-1 label applicator machine. And El Pinto labeled 650,000 salsa jars in a year before going with a fully automated system.

Once granted our patent, we continued to innovatively engineer and manufacture several different variations of labeling applicators.  We successfully adapted a range of models to accommodate hundreds of different shapes and sized containers, jars, tubs, tins and containers. Today, our patented label application machines are sold worldwide, allowing almost any industry to professionally and accurately apply labels with spot-on perfection.

No matter if you’re a small start-up company, medium-sized business or large commercial business, we have the solution to your label application requirements and needs. All machines featured on our site are professionally designed with the primary purpose of putting labels on straight, easy, fast and economically.

Now That You Know Race Label’s Story …

… tell us yours! What products are you manufacturing that could benefit from a more efficient and precise labeling application? Get in touch with Race Label today.